Please Pray

If you are reading this, you received our text message to the PCCoS members. Folks, we need to be in prayer!

  1. This situation with Pres Trump needs to STOP! We, Believers of God’s Word BEST be praying and speaking the Word of God over Trump. Personally, I believe the prophecies spoken over President Trump and I believe God WILL intervene! He said He would! But, we, The Body of Christ, cannot just sit back and, in faith, believe everything is going to be OK, God is in control… God needs us to be the Body to put the Angels and demons to flight!! Angles, PROTECT! Demons, FLEE FROM OUR PRESIDENT!!

    So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. – James 4:17

    Folks, it is more important than ever for us to STAND! You do not want to be asked “Where were you?” of Our Father!
  2. We need to grow our PCCoS! I met this past week with a gentleman that is being ‘muscled’ by the City of Eaton. He is to be at our meeting this evening and possibly bring a couple people with him. The challenge was for everyone to bring someone! Please pray, we need this group to grow as there are strength in numbers. People are afraid, but we need not be afraid when we know that what we are doing is led of God… God provides! In Christ Jesus we have power over this evil that is trying to overtake our society, Preble County.

    Our children need prayer as our school districts are FAR from teaching reading, writing and arithmetic! Good morals are out the window and, the sad part is, our “Conservative, Constitutional” representatives have NO IDEA what the people want! Let alone what the Constitution says, that THEY took an oath to uphold!

    Our elections need to be in prayer! The State of Ohio claims “Ohio is a paper ballot state. Every vote cast in Ohio is documented by either paper ballot or a voter-verified paper audit trail.” Even at that, there are machines used to vote, scan, tally and servers used throughout the State of Ohio! Also, the State of Ohio CLAIMS “No voting machines are connected to the internet.” BUT WAIT… They claimed to be paper!?!!! Please pray! Ohio, a “Red State” is not representing the desires of the people and this needs to change! The more they take, the less we have!!

    As we have discussed MANY times… There are too many Professional Politicians in Ohio! Professional Politicians focus on Ohio, not the people of Ohio! By our Constitution, they are to be held accountable to The People who voted them in. Pray about HOW YOU are to do that, and the PCCoS!

Keep these items in prayer, especially our President. I pray blessings upon you and your family! We look forward to seeing you this evening @6:30pm. I call you blessed!

– Troy