About PC CoS

Are you Conservative?

Do you believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States of America (Constitution)?

How about the Constitution of the State of Ohio?

We do! And, we believe in the fact that Our Creator gave us a Inalienable Right (meaning it cannot be taken away) to stand on the Supreme Law of the Land! That means, ‘We The People’ need to utilize the Constitution and hold the government accountable for their Oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America! Yes, that is right. If they are elected into office, they are to take an oath to uphold the Constitution, but it seems to end there for many. Well, that and the fact that ‘We the People’ have been complacent for so long in holding elected officials responsible for their office. If you are agreeing with this, well, THAT is a large reason why we have created the Preble County Committee of Safety.

Our members, the members of the Preble County Committee of Safety, have agreed that: We believe…

  1. The Constitution for the United States of America of 1781 is the highest law of our land.
  2. The pledge allegiance to the Constitution for the United States of America and to the flag of the republic, One Nation Under God.
  3. In a government controlled by the people it represents as per the ‘Constitution’.
  4. In our God given rights to be masters of our private property, freedom to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and to be free from threats, both domestic and foreign, to our lives, liberty and property.

The mission of the Preble County Committee of Safety is to:

  1. Join together to keep informed of the actions of our elected officials in Preble County.
  2. Give voice when perceiving them of deviating from their oath of office, and the Constitution.
  3. Form a support group fot the duly elected Sheriff of Preble County and the police officers there in, in the performance of their duties and oath to the Constitution.
  4. Monitor the school boards of each school in Preble County for deviations of standards in academics. We believe Reading, Writing and Arithmetic should be the focus in schools, not social or political values.
  5. Bring the People of Preble County together to stand against tyranny and to stand for the general health and safety of the people.

If you agree, or like what you see… We need you!

If you are in agreement with MOST of what you see… We need you!

There is strength in numbers and YOU do MATTER! Participation does not require a lot of time, but is of the utmost importance when you look at our given rights being lost!

We have important issues that must be addressed in Preble County, such as removal of the voting machines and going back to a paper system like that which served the county well for over two centuries! The machine technology has been proven to allow manipulation and paper will give back a trail, accountability to those reporting to Ohio and will re-instill integrity back into our elections.

These changes start from the ground up! Educating ourselves to the issues, uncovering the best solution for our community and communicating to keep our Preble neighbors informed is more important today than ever before. Come visit us.. Check us out.. Join us! YOU do count!

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